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I want you to always remember this ...

so that no matter who you're ever with ... I'll always be there.

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Birthdate:Apr 24, 1981
Pam, 32 years old, from Italy.
Kind-hearted. Strong-headed. Simple. Complicated. Motherly. Childish. Tough. Sensitive
I've joined LJ in 2008, to find people crazy like me for QAF.
Shy at the beginning, I've slowly become more self-confident, and thanks to the amazing friends I've met here, I now love to partecipate in the fandom.
Sometimes I made graphics like icons, wallpapers, picspam, banners.
Sometimes I try to write something, mostly drabbles.
That is possible thanks to the support of my wonderful LJ friends.
Crazy for Queer As Folk, for the most wonderful couple in the world, Brian/Justin, totally in love with the most beautiful man I've ever seen, Gale Harold, and with the Sunshine smile of Randy Harrison.
QAF stole my heart, and my love for the show, will NEVER end ♥

I do watch and enjoy shows like : Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Glee, True Blood, Brothers and Sisters, Lost, One tree hill, Torchwood, House, Dexter, CSI Las Vegas, Grey's Anatomy, Oz, Verbotene Liebe, AWZ, Spartacus.

Music : Adam Lambert ♥ (with Tommy Joe Ratliff is my new obsession) Queen, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, U2, Take That, Lighthouse, Coldplay, Elisa, Cranberries, Snow Patrol, Abba
My journal is 50% public and 50% f-locked.
Public : Graphics, Recs, Drabbles
F-locked : Everything about me, my life, my friends. I love to post pics to share with people I trust, and I love to keep them safe.
To learn more me, take a look at THIS POST
My beautiful layout is made by my amazing friend Viv foreverbm

Credites for the icons in LJ profile
#1 Brian&Justin furriboots
#2 Gale Harold manueladb
#3 Me & Randy Harrison in Paris (QAF Convention) pam81
#4 QAF cast qafmaniac
#5 Adam Lambert bm_shipper
#6 Tommy Joe Ratfill bm_shipper

LJ profile code by shadedcolor



"Brian & Justin Reunion animation" by the wonderful Viv foreverbm.

Made by the wonderful Viv foreverbm for my b-day ♥

Pam & Ely RPS fic : likethe1time
Banner by Bright Eyes (Vale)divinadevor


Colorbar by the wonderful Viv foreverbm.


banner by the amazing lumcheng


Brian and Justin Header by the wonderful Viv foreverbm

Gale Harold "Orpheus Descending" Wallpaper by the wonderful Viv foreverbm.

Randy Harrison "Pop!" wallpaper by the wonderful Viv foreverbm.

Matt Bomer banner made by the wonderful Ilaria ilaria84

Adam Lambert wallpaper made by the wonderful Viv foreverbm

Adam Lambert wallpaper made by the amazing olga_moscow

Banners I won @ gale_allthetime for the Winter Challange. Thank you Aly miss_alysandra


Join the fun! qaf_land

Layout created by foreverbm

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